Our Mission

Our Mission is to prevent further moral and societal decay by enforcing positive outlooks and attitudes, and thru actions and words, demonstrating that good in = good goes around.

Our methods develop inner strength, raising self-appreciation and confidence: We help people realize their value by bringing out their own given talents and beauty (Confidence training).

Our Vision is a society that is accepting of each other regardless of beliefs, color or creed, social class, family structure, career or sexual orientation. It’s a society with no tolerance for bullying, which stems violence, depression, suicide and an array of other implications.

Our Beliefs:

Suzanne Reaching UpEverybody is somebody. We are all important.

Each person needs to be accountable for their words and actions, realizing they impact more than their self.

Honest, hard work, true, good intentions and common sense spawn achievement, personal growth and gain, and inner happiness.

We spark intuitiveness, imagination, creativity and encourage positive, optimistic attitudes and behaviors.

Direct support for men & women impacted by domestic violence & Abuse:

Moral and social support (and referrals), via phone, social networking and in-person.

We provide “Take Your Reins Care Kits” to people freshly coming out of an abusive relationship, containing toiletries and other miscellaneous items to help the transition to a life without that partner a little easier.

We want to give musically inclined young adults a place to explore their musical talents, work with local musicians in an informal setting, and have gigs in an alcohol-free and zero-tolerance environment. Using music to promote well-being is what we’re all about.

What we’re not:

We are NOT therapists, educators or social workers, nor endorsed by any agency.

We will not clinically diagnose or treat any medical condition.

We are not an emergency shelter.