The Beginning

My name is Suzanne Perry, a domestic violence survivor. In speaking with the good people of Western New York, I have found that familial abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and domestic violence is substantially more prevalent then I ever imagined. Sharing my story of overcoming the horrific feelings and trauma associated with being controlled and abused, has given hope to others. This intrigued me, but I didn’t know how to turn it into good or how to help.

My daughter is a Music Business student in college and is an avid musician. She has a roomful of instruments, including a full drum set. I thought, since I need to open an office for myself anyway, why not expand on it, and make a venue. Well now it’s evolved to be a venue, recording studio and later, a coffee house with wi-fi. I want this to help ease the pain of all the years of phony happy birthday parties, to let her know how helpless and bad I felt then, yet how good and determined I feel now, and how proud I am of her.

This operation will serve as a place of peace and creativity, a place to exhale. With nobody breathing down your back. We will offer referrals, and will be a one-stop-shop.

For all those who have been impacted in any way by a dark childhood, an abusive relationship at any age, that witnessed siblings or parental abuse – the confusion, the seclusion, the guilt; this place is established for you. You are the backbone of this conception because your encouragement and belief in me, has given me strength, to raise my voice one notch louder, to expose these cowards that think its OK to strip another of their dignity and identity.

Nobody deserves to be humiliated. I am honored to represent you.

Our Venue and Recording Studio has three equally important purposes:

1. To prevent, intervene and educate about domestic violence and family abuse.
2. To give our youth a stimulating, safe environment where they can be creative and receive support.
3. Streamline help.