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OP Music House is a nonprofit community organization with a global message: LOVE SHOULDN’T HURT! We are a mobile, social and media outreach effort raising awareness and education about domestic violence and abuse.

We promote peace thru music, healing thru music, and acceptance of each other, and stand up to bullying!

OP Music House was founded by a survivor of over 20 years of control and abuse, Suzanne Perry, on the first day of the new decade, Jan 1, 2010. Suzanne started to share her story of being held prisoner in her own home, as a human punching bag, not allowed to talk to her kids alone, and all but losing hope.

Almost overnight, Suzanne received feedback from dozens of men, women and young adults with similar stories and the need became clear that she would be the voice on behalf of persons who have been victimized by partners or those in a position of authority and/or trust.

Suzanne’s story, efforts to educate the public, community involvement and music shows have been published across the US and in England. This has caused a new seed to sprout.

Originator of the ‘EXPOSURE Concert: Because love shouldn’t hurt,’ a 3-day music fest with over 40 live bands, streaming live around the world to expose domestic violence. We hold live music events throughout Western New York promoting DV awareness AND our local music scene.

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